The SMART-EASY project aims to develop a new milling machine generation of smart machines integrated in digitalised manufacturing environments.

The R&D project led by Nicolás Correa, CIEN SMART-EASY is focused on the development of a new machine generation with advanced functionalities to improve and optimise the manufacturing process. These new milling machines will contribute to simplify and speed up definition and launch of manufacturing processes, incorporating continuous and autonomous supervision of the fabrication. It will also include manufacturing and predictive maintenance strategies generated automatically by the machine, in order to guarantee efficiency, reliability and productivity through the whole fabrication process. The SMART-EASY project is a consortium of NICOLAS CORREA, GNC HYPATIA, IBARMIA, SHUTON, TALLERES MYL, INMAPA AERONÁUTICA, ALAVA INGENIEROS, THINGS O2, TECNALIA, la Universidad de Burgos y la Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU). The Project is financed by the Industrial Development Technology Centre (CDTI) and Ministry of Sciences and Innovation.